about me

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

I'm Steph, live in Europe, work full time in the Financial Industry & love using my hands for crafts!

My passion for handmade things is endless and I seem to find new things I fall for all the time. At the moment it is clearly paper craftingworking with beads/jewelery making and quilting! But I already had many crafty phases, so I might pick up something new soon = )

Why do I craft?

I have been paper crafting, sewing, jewelery making, etc. for more than 20 years & loved it ever since. Unfortunately with time at university and my job in the Financial Industry there was/is little time left for creative work. 
Some 2 years ago however, I realized that my talent for precision work in all sorts of crafts is being neglected during the day, so I started digging out my ancient supplies & started to be crafty again at night & in my spare time. 

Why do I post my projects on a blog?

I realized how much inspiration is out there on blogs & websites and it fascinates me! I get so much crafty energy by looking at other people's projects, color combos & ideas and hope to be able to inspire others with my crafts too. Also, I am a big fan of Challenge blogs, so blogging myself is a great & easy way to participate. 

A little disclaimer:

Because I like so many crafty things, my supplies are very limited, basic, and sometimes 20+ years old (I simply can't afford it all, although I would certainly love to).  Nevertheless I think that even a small amount of (well selected) material can make pretty "cool" projects and I will try to show you my savings tips on this blog over time.

I'm happy you're spending some time with me here and I hope you enjoy the crafty ride with me!

Please don't be shy to reach out to me if you have questions, feedback, recommendations, links, tips, etc.. for me. I'm always happy to hear from you and to share my experience with you on hand-made projects!



  1. Hi, Steph! I'm Mary. I found your blog thru the Paper Smooches challenge and have been scrolling through your posts. We like a lot of the same things and are inspired by many of the same people! I look forward to seeing more of your designs!

  2. Hallöchen,
    ich finde hier leider keine E-Mail-Adresse bei dir auf dem Blog, daher diese Nachricht als Kommentar - würdest du dich bitte bei mir melden unter info@stempelkueche.de , dann sag ich dir, worum es genau geht :)
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Hallöchen Steph!
    Danke für Deinen lieben Kommentar auf meinem Blog ;o) Ja, ich bin auch schon ganz gespannt, wie Du das kommende Challenge-Thema umgesetzt hast... Werde morgen auf jeden Fall reinschauen!!!
    Liebe Grüße,


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