Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"J" for "Jolly" - SSS Challenge

J for "JOLLY"!

What am I talking about?
Of course another Monday challenge by SimonSaysStamp (yes, it looks like I'm truly hooked now, it's a phase I guess...)

So my jolly card this time features this adorable cat (and lot's of work on the background).

I hope you like it & see you next time!!



Monday, July 28, 2014

SSS "Emboss it" Challenge

Hola amigos,

Welcome to another card creation, themed for yet another Simon Says Challenge: This time it's the Wednesday "Emboss It" challenge!

SimonSaysStamp - Wednesday Challenge

Check out the lanterns: don't they look like I paper-pieced them with nice looking patterened paper??? Don't be fooled!

You can feel the nice 3D effect and see the shine from all the embossing used here! I promise, this is made from ordinary white cardstock (but with 3 different ink pads and tons of clear embossing powder & a little bit of liquid platinum too)! And to give it some extra shine I also added some glossy accents on the tree and the branch, but not sure if you can see that here.

I hope you like it & hasta la proxima!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

SSS "Midsummer" Monday Challenge

Welcome back to my little blog!

I must say those online crafting challenges are addictive and it's so much fun to play with new themes, techniques & ideas!

So here we go, another very summery card from my end with lot's of embossed stamping, washi tape and my favorite Aussie critters stampset for the new SimonSaysStamp mid-summer's Monday challenge.

Lot's going on here on this card, but I love that surfing Platypus =o)

Have fun & happy crafting!
Yours, Stephanie

SimonSaysStamp - Monday Challenge

Friday, July 18, 2014

SSS "Spots & Dots" Challenge

Hi there,

I got inspired by yet another SimonSaysStamp Wednesday challenge "Spots and Dots" and would like to dedicate my new creation to my very best friend, who unfortunately is soo far away from me and I miss her dearly!

I don't have dotted card stock or anything similar, so I "stamped" the background of this card with a piece of round cut foam & clear embossed it. The text is stamped with white ink and clear embossed too, which gives a great dimension to this card because of the heavy ink (feels good too).
Finally I used watercolors/distress ink for the font tag.

Hope you like it and I think I will mail this to my best friend right now!! =o)

Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge Blog
SimonSaysStamp - Wednesday Challenge

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Felt Cats!!!


Here we go with yet another crafty and easy-to-do idea: Felt Cats!

These are very quick to make; just cut out 2 halved "doughnuts" & round the edges, sew them together by hand and fill them with cotton. Depending on what you find easier and/or what kind of "look" you're going for (i.e. a very fine, well crafted look or a little rougher, simpler look) you can add the ears, eyes, nose, patches, tail, etc... before or after sewing the 2 main parts together.

Have fun trying and let me know how you go or whether you have questions!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SSS "Glossy" Wednesday Challenge

Hi again,

I thought I'd be be bold and test my new (in this case very "glossy" - check out the windows of the bus!!) crafting idea straight away with one of the Masters of Stamping and Paper Crafting: SimonSaysStamp! And I've linked my first blog entry here to their Wednesday Challenge (see link below).

Check out more ideas on their blog for further inspiration!

Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge Blog


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